Submission deadline February 10, 2023


Submit your horror 8-minute short film for a chance to be 1 of the 11 winners that will get worldwide distribution, press coverage, and a revenue share. 

(See contest terms and conditions). 

This challenge consists of creating an 8-minute horror short film with an ‘80s look and feel.

We provide a common plot, technical specifications, post-production, and distribution, leaving the entire creative process in the hands of the participants.

All participants must be IndieVerse paid members and post their shorts in the 11 Souvenirs group within the IndieVerse community.

The 11 winning shorts will form an 88-minute feature film post-produced by IndieVerse and distributed by Filmhub, the #1 Film Distribution Platform

(See contest terms and conditions). 

Rules for all the shorts in the competition 

  • Each 8-minute short must begin with the main character returning from the trip to Paris. 
  • Each story’s main character must have brought back an ancient human bone souvenir from the Paris Catacombs. Each souvenir will have a curse, i.e., possessing a person or a place with a demon, turning someone into a killer, a zombie, a monster, a deadly virus, etc. 
  • You can write and shoot your module in any language. We want to show off all corners of our world.
  • You determine what curse and horrific consequences that souvenir produced
  • Each 8-minute short must tell a complete story and mention:
  1.  The visit to the Paris Catacombs
  2. The presence of a mysterious Senegalese or black man who sold the souvenir to the lead character of your story. (See Script Guide below) 
  • Each 8-minute short must be uploaded in the highest possible quality.
  • Each finished 8-minute short must be uploaded to the “11 Souvenirs” Group in the community. All competing shorts must be fully edited, musicalized, and color corrected.   
  • If you are using a smartphone to shoot your short make sure to use Filmic Pro and select the following settings:

The Best FiLMiC Pro Settings for Cinematic Video

  1. Resolution should be set to 4K (2160p) 16:9.
  2. Quality should be set to FiLMiC Extreme.
  3. Set Frame Rate to 24fps (24 Capture FPS and 24 Playback FPS)
  4. Set and lock your white balance correctly.

Here is a great article about the best use of Filmic Pro for iPhone

If you are filming with a professional or semi-professional video camera or DSLR look for the best cinematic setting for your camera. 

In any case, keep in mind that smartphones are not great in low light and when the video captured is watched on a larger screen, the poor quality becomes evident. Remember good lighting makes everything better and easier in post-production. 

Rules for the 11 winning shorts

  • Each 8-minute short must be delivered in the highest possible quality. The minimum acceptable resolution is Full HD 1920 x 1080.
  • preferably each 8-minute short should be delivered with separate audio tracks. Music & Effects and Dialog. 
  • Each 8-minute short must be thoroughly edited but preferably not color graded. 
  • Each winner must submit actors and location releases. 
  • All winners must submit the shooting script for their shorts in English. 
  • Each winner will assign all rights to The Equaliverse Inc. A distribution agreement will be sent to each winner for review.
  • Each winner must submit an EPK. (electronic press kit) 
  • Each winner must submit 12 stills from the production process.
  • 50% of all net profits from the sales and distribution will be distributed equally among the 11 winners. 

Join the “11 Souvenirs Group” at this is the place where we will answer all your questions, give you tips, and you will be able to collaborate with other filmmakers, actors, directors of photography, and editors, etc.